Abi’s clients have described her as a non-judgmental confidant who provides wise counsel, confirmation of their process, and inspiration for healthier direction. Her gentle, therapeutic touch creates a safe space for experiences to arise, allowing her clients to become present to their physical, emotional, and spiritual selves. Abi’s ability to anticipate and support her clients’ search for release and balance has been described as extraordinary, and her high level of integrity and skill has earned her clients’ trust.

“Where to begin. I say this because I never felt like I needed help. I could work everything out on my own. What I did not know, and Abi’s beautiful way of working showed me this. Is that I have been doing myself a disservice. Not listening to my body or my inner knowing. I’d been walking around with so much baggage and at the point I reached out to Abi , I was just mad, sad, disappointed and frustrated. Feeling a lot like a feral cat cornered.

Abi held space for me to come as I am, run amuck, cry and just be me. I know this work is ongoing, and that I will always be working on being just a bit better everyday. I am open to all of it. This gives me hope. I am not the same woman I was six months ago. It’s not easy facing fears, things that make me uncomfortable or saying yes to me. Today I say yes to me. Facing fear and discomfort is so much less daunting. Thank you Abi. Thank you."

— Claudia Delia, NY

“I reached out to work with Abi because I felt so restricted by my fears and anxiety that I wasn’t living, I was just existing, and I suffered from the lack of freedom to live the life I wanted to. I feel this program was perfect for me, it challenged me without pushing me over my limits and guided me throughout each step I took. Abi is an angel and has been amazing throughout our work! After working together for 6 months I feel comfortable doing things again, traveling, going places, things that scared me. I feel completely supported and accomplished much more than I thought I would! I appreciate this program more than I could ever put into words! And we covered so many things and more that I didn’t even realize needed work. I feel comfortable in my own skin, I have grown into a person I am proud of and I am excited to continue learning how to listen to my body when it’s trying to tell me things. The most valuable lesson I learned is to trust my gut and stay true to myself. I feel like myself again. I let go of the idea of needing to “get back to normal” and am learning to love the me I am now. I can also celebrate learning to listen to myself and not feel obligated to stretch myself too thin to please others." 

— Alexis Canning, NJ

“I came to Abi with a muddled sense of some changes I wanted to make. Her ability to listen carefully, help me define what I wanted, and create a clear path forward was impressive. The encouragement, support, challenge, and accountability she provided made all the difference. I am so grateful to have benefitted from her valuable expertise! “

— Lindsay Obrig, NY

“For over 20 years I wanted to go to grad school and have been procrastinating. Abi had sent out a free class reminder that just spoke to me. I immediately signed up with no hesitation. What Abi had brought to the class spoke so much to my heart that before the class had ended I uploaded a grad school application and applied. I then followed up with Abi to share my great news, my fears and challenges. I knew I needed help to make this happen. I needed guidance and accountability from someone outside my family and friends. Abi and I worked together for 3 months, where we brainstormed ideas for my personal essay, and set weekly goals. We spoke about the challenges I was facing and all the other things in life that distracts us from moving forward. I am happy to share that I am now an enrolled student working on my NBA!!! It only took me 20 years of dreaming and 3 months with Abi to make it happen. I am so grateful for her loving support and how she kept me on my path and believing in myself that I can. “Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.” (Robert G. Allen)

— Cynthia Barboni, NY

“Wow! I never imagined just one session with Abi would allow me to settle some of the blocks that have been keeping me from feeling aligned and more present in my life. Her gifting holds space for clients to feel and ask important questions and then helping them see themselves and the people and circumstances in their lives with greater clarity. Kind of like cleaning a pair of smudged eye glasses. I was breathing so much easier by the end of my session, and my biggest question will no longer be keeping me up at night! Thank you, Abi.”

-Suzanne Wistrick, Atlanta GA

“Abi is a truly gifted healer with a deep intuitive connection to her clients. She worked with my teenage daughter during a very difficult time and the experience for my 18 year old was transformative. Abi's presence and compassion shines through in every aspect of her work and I cant recommend her more highly to anyone who is seeking the kind of healing that arises when coming back home to yourself.”

- Julie White

“If you seek wise counsel, a non-judgmental ear, confirmation of your process (whatever that may be), safety in sharing your struggles, and inspiration in seeking better / healthier direction, Abi should be top on your list of considered confidants. I sought Abi's assistance at the recommendation of a good friend, who believed she would be a great "fit" for examining and exploring some personal challenges and crossroads I was facing. I am SO GLAD I got up the courage to connect with her; I did an initial free online, group-healing session for women to "feel her out", and found Abi to be so warm, open and approachable, I had no qualms about getting in touch to fine-tune some one-on-one sessions. Abi's healing strength is in everything she brings to each session -- full, focused attention to what needs healing in you. She was present, attentive and supportive of my needs, which often changed from week-to-week. Give yourself a great gift: time with Abi Keene!”

— Lynne Nichols, Maine

“I reached out for help from Abi in order to carve out time to put myself first. For a caregiver and empath this was extremely challenging for me. I was also navigating changes in my life. As my adolescent daughter blossomed and fumbled and my elderly mom lost balance and asked for help to move into her retirement home I was caught in the middle. It all happened at once. An invisible set of threads binding the generations to support and grow simultaneously.

We worked together for over a year and I’ve learned and grown so much. I learned that my voice is significant and it serves no one if I keep it silent. For someone who is quite shy of attention and more familiar playing small this work enabled me to challenge these parts of myself. I also had valuable lessons in balance, saying yes, asking for help, taking up more space and truly valuing my voice.

Abi rocks. She gets it. Tremendous listener and supportive coach with just the right mix of sense of humor".

— P.C, NY

“After a major injury that caused a reset of my life I felt lost and without purpose.  I desperately needed help when I felt that I lost all inspiration.  I signed up for Abi's 3 month course after I had a consultation with her.  After seeing her almost weekly, with Abi's help, I realized that I was on the wrong path in struggling to find satisfaction.  By the end of the 3 months I felt more calm and more at peace with my life and my situation, which is remarkable!  Abi helped me explore what I thought would work for me and she somehow, without exactly saying it, helped me realize that I needed and wanted to find inner peace with any situation I find myself in.  I felt so safe, supported and so deeply cared for by Abi.  She's a remarkable person who helped me in remarkable ways."

— S.D, NY

“Abi Keene is an extraordinarily gifted healer who understands what each unique client needs to work on to become more whole and fulfilled. I highly recommend her healing sessions and I love referring my clients to her for deeper healing.”

— Catherine Goshen, NY

“I had the BEST experience with Abi while getting a healing session. I literally had an outer body experience, she made me so relaxed that I felt like I was floating for days afterwards. I have since sent both my mother and husband to Abi and they both agreed, best treatment ever! Thank you Abi! I will definitely be back!”

— Karin O'Shea, NY

“I am a highly sensitive, empathic person who has always been extremely selective about who I allow to work on my body. It is very important to me that the practitioner has a high level of integrity so that I can feel safe and truly let go into the deeper level of healing bodywork can provide. It has been a gift for me to discover Abi and her work. By nature I’m a giver so receiving is difficult for me, yet with Abi‘s gentle support and loving nature I have been able to learn about what it means to truly receive support, nurture my self-care and to feel seen and heard on an embodied and emotional level. Ever since our first session, in her care, I have been able to trust more, and let go into the art of receiving. Abi’s work benefits my body but more importantly reconnects me to the essence of my being. Abi is not only a skilled practitioner with a high level of integrity and skill, she’s one of the most genuine people I know. I feel extremely blessed every time I get to lay down on her table to receive the healing benefits of her touch and support.”

— Andrea Maxine Frade, NY

"Abi’s respectful, gentle, mothering, therapeutic touch has been a profound and positive force in my life. I even feel it in my work as a registered nurse and in my relationships with my patients. I have been under Abi’s care for three years now and could not recommend her more. She is not only a gifted bodyworker but a whole person healer. She creates a trusting space for experiences to arise. I find myself becoming present to not only my physical body but also my emotional and spiritual selves. Abi is so wholesome and respectful that I feel safe to acknowledge what arises within myself and also at times out loud to her. I also have a serious scoliosis and I feel certain that my sessions with Abi help relieve pain and release imbalances.

Abi helps me to not only get back to balance physically but also emotionally because the level of relaxation and release that happens in our sessions rejuvenates me on such a deep level. Beyond all of this I find Abi to have an extraordinary touch. It is as if her hands are psychic in anticipating and supporting my own body’s organic search for release and balance.”

—Kari Lindstrom, NY

"My family has had the most transformative experience with Abi. My son was experiencing social anxiety issues - he wouldn't speak in unfamiliar settings, he wouldn't speak to his teachers and friends at school, and would only use non verbal cues to communicate.  It baffled us since he was developmentally on track and  perfectly verbal, and  loud at home. After numerous sessions with therapists, a potential selective mutism evaluation, a friend told us about craniosacral therapy.  We had never heard of it. So we did our research, and started looking for craniosacral therapists close to us. We chose Abi because of the great reviews she has, as well as, my conversation with her where she was so kind and reassuring.

The session itself was so non invasive and we went in with an open mind. My son, although unsure in the beginning, got comfortable very soon. The first surprise was when he spoke (loud and clear) at the end of the session. But the bigger surprise was when we went to pick him from school the next day and his teachers told us that he had been speaking non stop to them and his friends. We couldn't believe our ears. We were so thrilled. It's almost as if a switch that was turned on. We are incredibly grateful to Abi  and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of healing!"

—Shwetha Ramani, NJ

"Thank you so much for the powerful Discovery Session on Wednesday. You helped me see the bigger arch of my life and my journey and I am so grateful.  I was so inspired after we spoke that I even took some initiatives and new steps toward the longing I shared with you! It's a good time to be blooming!

Thank you for helping me see the beauty of this winding path. You hold and offer a powerful, safe, and supportive container to discover, identify, and explore the gems of truth and empowerment present in the stories of our life's journey. The perspective you share widens and refocuses the lens where new insights are gleaned from familiar tales. You are a gem Abi! Thank you for all that you do and all that you offer!"

—Erin McVey, CA



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