i, I’m Abi & I’m so glad you’re here...

hi, i'm abi & and i'm so glad you are here...

I am a life-enthusiast, healer, transformational coach, bodyworker, mother, and mainly a fellow being searching for meaning in this crazy world. I have been on a path of self exploration and self discovery for a long time and I wish to invite you to join me on this path so that you can rediscover yourself and what you wish for your life.

What truly lights me up is seeing my clients take courageous steps toward their longings, and witnessing how this changes their lives. I know the pain of holding back, and the joy that comes when we allow ourselves to live uncensored, and I am so passionate about helping other women break through their barriers and set themselves free, so that they can live the fullest version of themselves.

That is why I have taken my 20 years of experience through shiatsu massage, Craniosacral therapy, somatic dialoguing, long distance healing, six-sensory training, Akashic record reading, and my 30 years of spiritual practice as a student of the Gurdjieff Work, and funneled them into one healing.

To this shared healing space I bring my innate love for other fellow beings, and my passion for holding them in a sacred and safe space so that they can explore and learn who they truly are.

For years I have held myself back from putting myself out there for fear of being seen and judged. I cared so much about what others thought of me that it paralyzed me. So I kept small and hidden because it was comfortable and I could get by.

Having to put myself out there and allowing myself to be seen changed my life as it taught me to value and honor my unique voice. There is so much power in doing the things that scare us. This is how we heal.

My vision is to have women realize their inner beauty and power and move away from the doubts, fears, and judgements that are keeping them small and hidden, so that they can step fully into themselves, their unique voice and purpose, and thus feel the joy that comes with the freedom of being uncensored and self-realized.

So don't hold back, don't wait for the perfect moment, or for that feeling of "enough-ness" to wash over you before taking action. It's time to silence that inner critic and take the first step towards your next chapter. The truth is, waiting for the right moment is a futile exercise. The right moment may never come, and in the end, it's only through taking bold and decisive action that we gain the clarity, confidence, direction, and ease needed to create the life we truly desire.

So go ahead, take that first step, and just do it!


This transformational program has helped many women realize their full potential, stop playing small, and finally reclaim

their power, their voice & themselves.

It has allowed my clients to take bold and powerful steps toward their longings, and in doing so, change their lives.

My Approach

This program is for women in their mid-life, who long to step into their next chapter with deeper purpose, and is designed to help you move from the self doubts that are keeping you small and hidden to having the confidence to share your authentic expression with the world, so that you can feel the freedom, ease, and joy that comes from not holding back.


We can’t heal what we can’t see. To that end, you will receive meditations, guided visualizations, journaling exercises, affirmations, and daily practices, so that you develop an awareness of the old and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and small, and move towards freedom, confidence, and ease. With awareness comes a choice of new action.


To help us over the walls where we usually quit on ourselves we need accountability, deadlines, and a system to keep a forward momentum toward our goals. Therefore, after each session you will receive an email with inspiring deep reflections, and a very specific action plan for the the week. You will also have unlimited email/text connection with me so that you feel supported and accountable between sessions, and thus stay committed to the change you desire.


Embodiment is a powerful tool on our journey towards healing and spiritual growth. It involves tapping into the innate wisdom of our physical bodies to access a deeper level of self-awareness and understanding. Our bodies are remarkable instruments that have the ability to hold onto our experiences, emotions, and memories. When we learn to connect with our bodies, we can start to recognize the patterns and signals that our bodies are communicating to us. We can learn to trust our intuition, our inner compass, and make decisions that are in alignment with our truest selves.

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