Courageously, You

• Are you at the phase in your life where you have already built the foundations of what you thought was important, and now you are arriving at midlife and realizing that what you want has changed and it is time for something new to come in?

• Are you ready to move away from the anxiety and burden of over-doing, over-pleasing, and taking care of everyone around you, to fully embodying your purpose for this phase of your life so that you have more joy, fulfillment, and self expression?

• And if not now, then when?

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Empowerment Coaching

This program is designed for women in their mid-life, who long to step into their next chapter with deeper purpose, and need support in moving from the self doubts that are keeping them small and hidden to having the confidence to share their authentic expression with the world, so that they can feel the freedom, ease, and joy that comes from not holding back.

She Said...

" I reached out to work with Abi because I felt so restricted by my fears and anxiety that I wasn’t living, I was just existing, and I suffered from the lack of freedom to live the life I wanted to. I feel this program was perfect for me, it challenged me without pushing me over my limits and guided me throughout each step I took. Abi is an angel and has been amazing throughout our work! After working together for 6 months I feel comfortable doing things again, traveling, going places, things that scared me. I feel completely supported and accomplished much more than I thought I would! I appreciate this program more than I could ever put into words! And we covered so many things and more that I didn’t even realize needed work. I feel comfortable in my own skin, I have grown into a person I am proud of and I am excited to continue learning how to listen to my body when it’s trying to tell me things. The most valuable lesson I learned is to trust my gut and stay true to myself. I feel like myself again. I let go of the idea of needing to “get back to normal” and am learning to love the me I am now. I can also celebrate learning to listen to myself and not feel obligated to stretch myself too thin to please others. "

-Alexis Canning, NJ:

Change is hard to make on our own. We keep bumping against our growing edge and then we retreat back to the familiar. As we try to make the changes we long for we might encounter our fears, doubts, despair, apathy, not good enough, compare, all of which want to keep us safe from the unknown. That’s why we need help. We need the external force to help us through our own walls and on to the other side. We need the accountability and support that will remind us of our aims, goals, wishes, and true longings, so that we can stay true to ourselves.

That’s where I come in. I will be there to hold your hand and remind you of the vision you have for yourself. I will help you hold yourself accountable for the changes you long for in your life. And I will help bring you home to your body and your truth.


You will receive...

• Commitment

-A committed 6 months long journey with me, so that you can have the continuity and consistency that is required for change to take place.


3 session a month of 60 minutes each where I get to hold you in a sacred space that will support you through anything that comes up for healing in you, so that you can address the old and limiting beliefs that habitually keep you from taking the steps you desire.

Soul journey guidance

-An Akashic record reading so that you can tap into your guidance, your bigger picture, and understand your soul's journey.


At every session we will take time to practice connecting with your body through Craniosacral therapy, somatic dialoging, or guided meditation, so that you can practice the power and wisdom your body has to offer you, and learn to anchor and ground in it. This will help you to access your intuition and move from being reactive to having a choice of action.

• Deep Reflections

An email recap of main points of each session, and a plan for action steps for the week. This reflection email is powerful as it helps to mirror where you are and what you need. It serves as an inspiration for the week and helps motivate you in your action tasks


-Because I will be right here with you on your journey, you will have unlimited text/email support for accountability, questions, insights, comments and anything you want to share as the week progresses, so that I can help you stay committed to the action steps you wish to take for yourself.


Relevant tools & assignments for the week, so that you can keep the momentum of your self-exploration between our sessions and continue to shift toward your goals. These assignments will include specific next action steps, journaling exercises, affirmations, daily practices, meditations and guided visualizations.


A bonus session to reflect on your journey and assess next steps.

I want you to feel empowered by who you already are. Healing happens when you take responsibility for your own life and pain, and courageously take steps toward your longings. My job is to hold you in a loving and safe space so that you can move through your fears, worries, stress and anxiety, and toward the vision you wish for yourself. When you do this for yourself, it is yours to keep.

This is empowerment.


Both services below are incorporated into Courageously,You

One-off sessions will only be available if schedule permits

Akashic Records Reading

Akashic Reading

60 Minutes

Higher guidance

Soul Journey



When we tap into the archives of your soul and its journey, we get to see the bigger picture of your life and even past lives. Through that lens, you get to understand the meaning of your struggles and the roll they play in your soul’s growth. Often when we experience difficult times and frictions, we feel that it is an obstacle in our way of happiness that needs to be removed. When we tap into our soul’s needs, we get to have a whole new perspective, we get to align with our soul’s callings, and we feel reminded of who we really are deep down inside.

This session will take place on the phone and can last between 30 to 60 minutes. Bring as many questions as you want and be open and curious to keep asking as we go along.

She Said...

“Wow! I never imagined just one session with Abi would allow me to settle some of the blocks that have been keeping me from feeling aligned and more present in my life. Her gifting holds space for clients to feel and ask important questions and then helping them see themselves and the people and circumstances in their lives with greater clarity. Kind of like cleaning a pair of smudged eye glasses. I was breathing so much easier by the end of my session, and my biggest question will no longer be keeping me up at night! Thank you, Abi.”

-Suzanne Wistrick, GA

Craniosacral Therapy

Body work session

Available In-Person Only

Reconnect To Your Body

Release Tension & Trauma

Deepen into Relaxation

Soothe the Nervous System

Through this very gentle hands-on therapy you will be guided back into your body so that it can inform us of what it needs in order to heal. Using subtle and gentle manipulations, deep listening, and following, we will help the body relax your over-worked nervous system, release tensions, traumas, and aches, so that you can arrive at the nourishing place of surrender and trust where healing happens.

The body is instrumental in grounding us in the midst of the chaos of life and thus help us move from automatic reaction to a choice of action. And it is also an amazing tool on our spiritual journey and meditation practice, as it is here and now and therefore helps anchor us in the present moment. 

She Said...

“Abi’s respectful, gentle, mothering, therapeutic touch has been a profound and positive force in my life. I even feel it in my work as a registered nurse and in my relationships with my patients. I have been under Abi’s care for three years now and could not recommend her more. She is not only a gifted bodyworker but a whole person healer. She creates a trusting space for experiences to arise. I find myself becoming present to not only my physical body but also my emotional and spiritual selves. Abi is so wholesome and respectful that I feel safe to acknowledge what arises within myself and also at times out loud to her."

~ Kari Lindstrom, NY

She Said...

“If you seek wise counsel, a non-judgmental ear, confirmation of your process (whatever that may be), safety in sharing your struggles, and inspiration in seeking better / healthier direction, Abi should be top on your list of considered confidants. I sought Abi's assistance at the recommendation of a good friend, who believed she would be a great "fit" for examining and exploring some personal challenges and crossroads I was facing. I am SO GLAD I got up the courage to connect with her; I did an initial free online, group-healing session for women to "feel her out", and found Abi to be so warm, open and approachable, I had no qualms about getting in touch to fine-tune some one-on-one sessions. Abi's healing strength is in everything she brings to each session -- full, focused attention to what needs healing in you. She was present, attentive and supportive of my needs, which often changed from week-to-week. Give yourself a great gift: time with Abi Keene!”

- Lynne Nichols, Maine



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